About Us

Here you can dive into the fascinating world of Personal Computers.

what we do

so what do we do? we build computers and not just any computers Awesome computers. Our visions to help and guide our customers into building their own custom builds, we expect and want our customers to stand out while gaming, working, or even while showing off their special build, so we try to make every pc unique to its own style and character.


So our specialities come in three Categories and ooh are we good at these


We achieve some of the most best in class performance thru vigorous Stress Testing and Smart Overclocking.

Custom Builds

We are not limited to just our Pre-Builds, Do you have particular parts that you desire in your build? Let us know and we will Custom Build you your Rig with your Choice of parts.

Best in Class Temps

When it comes to a pc it should Last Long and we make sure that your Rig gets the Best possible temperatures with Maximum performance.

Pre Builds

so even tho we love building Custom Pc’s for our customers we also have some Pre-Builds for those who don’t want to hassle with deciding a new build and just want best in class performance straight away.