GRIFFIN – i5 9600kf / Rtx 2060 / 16GB Ram

GRIFFIN – i5 9600kf / Rtx 2060 / 16GB Ram


Play hard or work hard with Griffin our enthusiast Mid Range Gaming Rig that will be able to conquer any game or Render the Heaviest files that you send its way.

Running in its Core!

  • Intel i5 9600kf
  • Galax RTX 2060
  • Corsair Vengeance16gb 8×2 Ram 3000mhz (Overclocked to 3400Mhz)
  • WD 1TB Hard Drive (7200rpm)
  • WD 240Gb M.2 ssd
  • CV 550w 80+ Psu
  • MSI B365M Mortar Motherboard
  • CoolerMaster K501L RGB Case
  • RGB Case Fans kit
  • CM Hyper 410 RGB Cooler


Leading With Best in Class Services

Overclocking of the PC

Optimization and Power delivery Management

3 day stress testing for the pc

Open bed Thermal Management


Please note: For any type of query/customization regarding our Pre-Builds you can contact us by Emailing us at [email protected] or message us at our Social media on Facebook or Instagram. We will be more than happy to help.

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